Proven cyber security solutions with our proven expertise

In our increasingly mobile, connected world, it’s harder than ever to stay secure against a growing range of threats.

Compliance standards like GDPR demand you keep data secure – but even keeping track of the latest threats is a skilled, resource-intensive job.

Our cyber security services remove your reputational, operational and financial risk using multi-layered technology.

  • Extensive experience in cyber security
  • Proactive management and monitoring
  • Cyber Essentials Plus-accredited team

It’s a balance between technical security and working with you to develop effective strategies and policies

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A human approach

From the growth of Shadow IT to poor adoption, people can be a huge source of risk.

We put people at the heart of your security plan, giving you protection that doesn’t slow productivity. All backed by ongoing monitoring and management.

Complete protection

Attackers are always finding new ways to get to your data or disrupt your operations.

We can become a single point of contact for every area of security, including malware, ransomware, breaches, DDoS attacks, software vulnerabilities, and network security.

A fast track to compliance

It’s not enough to secure your network – to stay compliant, you need to prove it.

Drawing from hands-on experience, we can get you compliant with standards like GDPR or PCI DSS in record time, while providing detailed reports and logs for your compliance audits.

Minimise your risk with proactive cyber security

Working with Consider IT, you’ll get expert guidance on securing your data and reducing your exposure, alongside the best technical controls to enforce your policies.

As a Cyber Essentials Plus-accredited team, we’ll raise your security to established standards of best practice. We can also help you achieve your own Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, a powerful way to build customer confidence in an increasingly privacy-aware market.

Then, we’ll continue to monitor your network and traffic to spot the signs of a potential attack sooner – and take action before your data is exposed or you’re left with a lengthy period of downtime.

Protect your data, your network, and your people. Talk to our team about cyber security now.

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