Effective backup and recovery for guaranteed business continuity

Your workstations, cloud services and collaboration tools are important. Your IT infrastructure is integral. But nothing is more crucial than your data – the information you depend on to get things done, every single day.

Consider IT’s backup and recovery services protect your data against the most common threats – not just cyber attacks, but human error, accidental deletion, and technical failure. Just restore old versions or deleted files in a few clicks.

It’s a vital part of your business continuity planning – and more simple and straightforward than making your own manual backups.

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Always-on backups

Business moves fast, so backups can become out-of-date within just a few hours.

Using the latest technology, we automate backups to continuously replicate the latest versions of every file you need.

Offsite backups

There’s no use having local backups that face the same risks as your original files.

With us, all your data is replicated off-site in a secure datacentre – one that you can depend on being available when you need it most.

A wider perspective

Backups are just one part of your complete disaster recovery plan and strategy.

Our diverse expertise means we can help with it all, from backups to planning short-term workspace and VoIP services.

Replicate your data without compromising security

Inside your data, you’ll find sensitive information about your business, your employees and your customers – information that it’s your responsibility to protect under standards like GDPR. And making a copy of that data, even for a backup, effectively doubles your risk.

When you choose us for backup and disaster recovery, you’ll find we take security every bit as seriously as you do. There’s a layer of protection in every aspect of our backups, from encrypted connections in the underlying technology to the physical security of our datacentre.

So you get peace of mind that your data is safe. As well as certainty it’ll always be retrievable.

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