Windows 7 to Windows 10 Tool

We recently learned of a council spending £34,000 on a tool to help them migrate their machines from Windows 7 to Windows 10. That price didn’t include the Windows 10 Licence for each device either.

The process for upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 is actually very straightforward. So much so, we created a tool that lets you perform the upgrade by opening or running from the command line a small executable.

Before we dive straight in, there are some caveats:

  1. The following tool(s) are offered without any sort of warranty or guarantee.
  2. By using the tools you accept the risks of it going wrong and you will not hold us liable in any way.
  3. There are no Windows 10 Licences included in this tool. You will require a legitimate Windows 10 licence to be able to activate the computer after the upgrade. In some circumstances you may already have a valid Windows licence.
  4. The tool assumes your computer is compatible with Windows 10 (

If you’re happy accepting the above, continue!


For those that just want the technical “how”, here it is. It’s surprisingly easy:

  • Windows 10 Upgrade can be called from a command line, assuming the full ISO is available
  • We host the ISO repository online and the command pulls from there
  • Your computer upgrades using the command line, silently, and dumps a log in the C:\win10upgradelog directory once it exits.

Here’s the code:

net use t: /delete

net use t: \\\win10_1903

T:\setup.exe /auto upgrade /quiet /CopyLogs C:\win10upgradelog /Compat IgnoreWarning

Please note: the SMB server we currently host online is subject to being taken down if we hit bandwidth limits. We advise that those running their upgrades to a large number of machines (20+) should host their own SMB server (or talk to us and we can assist). We offer no guarantees as to the availability of this resource.

The Tool

WARNING: Downloading and then running this tool will upgrade your computer to Windows 10 with no confirmation or warning. Please be reminded that this is offered with no warranty or guarantee. Running this tool is entirely at your own risk and we take absolutely no responsibility over you running this tool in your environment.

We’ve packaged the tool into a BAT file for easy execution:

Download BAT