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For over 10 years we’ve been providing unparalleled IT Support in Edinburgh. We’re a friendly bunch that understand how critical your IT systems are to your business. We’re aware that other IT companies in Edinburgh fall short of the proactive superior support day in day out that they should be offering and we use that to our advantage. Our Edinburgh IT Support services are just one part of the many key areas your business can work with us to improve productivity, increase security, and reduce overall costs within your business.

A forward-thinking, highly-motivated business like Consider IT will take your business to the next level. We’ll get you through Cyber Essentials Accreditations as standard (yes, as standard!), or deploy a fully-functioning VOIP phone solution that’s guaranteed to be cheaper and more flexible than what you currently have in place. We’ll turn your backup platform from a “recovery in days or weeks” to “we can have you online anywhere in the world within 15 minutes”. Your team can even come and work from our purpose-built Disaster Recovery suite in a critical event.

We’re not just an Edinburgh based IT Support company. We’re your IT Partner.

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I just need my IT to get better.

Reduce your costs by outsourcing your IT support and service management to us.

Protect your IT with our security technology, advice and proactive monitoring.

Guarantee constant access to your data – even if it’s accidentally deleted or lost in a technical failure.

Get a scalable, flexible phone system without the cost or complexity of traditional analogue lines.

What happens when your server dies? How long will it take to get back online? What if your office floods? Where are you going to work? We’ve invested in a Disaster Recovery Suite to keep you up and running.


At Consider IT, we know IT inside-out. But that’s not what gets us excited. For us, it’s all about what technology can do for you – enabling new ways of working, minimising your risk, driving efficiency and saving money.

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FAQ’s about our IT Support Service


1: Who are Consider IT?

We’re an Edinburgh-based team of IT professionals that will support you and make sure your systems operate efficiently, reliably and securely.

We’re the ideal size to support your business. Consider IT isn’t some technician working out his spare room, we’re a real business with offices here in Leith.

But we’re not some faceless organisation, either – just a bunch of regular Edinburgh people who’ll get to know you, your business, and your staff like no other IT company.


2: What do you charge, and what extra fees are there?

We charge a fixed-fee for our Unlimited IT Support. You might opt for other services, such as our Disaster Recovery Suite, or our VOIP Telephone System, but we’ll discuss this with you in advance.


3: How quickly do you respond to, and solve problems?

We operate a 4 Hour SLA as standard. And, because most IT problems can be solved remotely, we’ll generally solve it at the time of calling – or within an hour of raising the issue.


4: What do you do to prevent problems from arising?

We monitor your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure your systems are working as expected. We’re alerted any time there’s a systems problem, and take action immediately to rectify it – usually before you’re even aware!


5: What steps do you take to protect our business data?

Data protection is a key concern for all our clients. And device that’s connected to the internet is vulnerable to attack. Which is why we support all your devices – servers, PCs, laptops… even your company mobile phones.

So we regularly do internal vulnerability scanning and proactively resolve any issues. We manage and maintain your server and endpoint patching and updates on a weekly basis.

We ourselves are ISO27001, ISO9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus. We get all our clients up to the Cyber Essential requirements as standard (although actually getting certified under the scheme is an additional cost).


6: What can you do to help us better benefit from IT in the future?

We believe the right information technology can give our clients a competitive advantage in their markets. So, from accounting software to other new solutions, we advise and suggest on alternative better ways to operate your business IT.


7: How would you manage the handover from our current provider? 

Swapping from one IT support company to another doesn’t have to be a hassle.

We’ve got a well-honed on-boarding process. It’s tried and tested, and reviewed (under our ISO 9001) to make sure disruption is almost zero. We work with the current It company to make the transition seamless.


8: What sort of clients do you work with? 

We work with a huge range of organisations… public sector, private sector…  from household names to SMEs.

Basically, if you’re in Edinburgh and have between 10 and 300 staff, we’re probably a good fit.

We don’t believe you’ll find a better service in Edinburgh. IT support isn’t just about avoiding problems, it’s about making technology one of your competitive advantages.


9: This sounds great, how do we get started? 

If you’re an Edinburgh business looking for the best possible IT Support, let’s talk!

Whether you want to arrange a visit from us, or if you have questions, just click the button below.


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