Disaster Simulation

Our Disaster Simulation service lets you see how vulnerable
your business is to disasters

What is Disaster Simulation?

Our Disaster Simulation (DS) service simulates specific and pre-determined IT disasters within your business. Its intention is to clearly demonstrate how an IT disaster would affect the day to day operations of your business and how disruptive it could potentially be long-term.

The DS is a one-off service, and works as follows:

  • Our IT Analyst will visit you on a pre-defined date and look at the various technologies you have in place at the moment
  • In agreement with the IT Analyst, you determine what aspects of your IT you would like to test
  • You can opt to have a specific date for the simulation to take place, preferably however, a random date will be chosen and you wont be aware of the simulation until it happens
  • On the date of the simulation, the agreed catastrophic failures will be activated and you will have an entire day to experience the disaster
  • Your IT Analyst will arrive on-site at 11am to record the effects and write a report
  • At any time you can cancel the simulation and return to a normal working environment
  • The objective of the exercise normally becomes clear within an hour

Why we prefer not giving you the date

We’ve found that when most businesses know the date their systems are going to be unavailable, they¬†consciously¬†or sub-consciously ensure that they’re not doing any mission-critical work at that time. They provision crude backups, or make sure e-mails are sent the day before. By holding back from giving you the date, you’ll be given a true picture of the effects on your business.