EFM – Ethernet in the First Mile

EFM Edinburgh - from just £180 a month

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

How does EFM work?

Our Edinburgh EFM uses a special connection to provide high speed internet access to your business or home. We arrange a site survey at your property and assuming your location is suitable for EFM, an Edinburgh OpenReach engineer will arrive on site to bond copper wires together.

These bonded copper wires come in either 2-pair or 4-pair configurations. These pairings have a direct effect on how fast a connection you’ll receive. If you’re looking for a connection to sustain 5-10 users then a 2-pair configuration will usually suffice. If, however, you’ve got more staff or you have a large internet usage, a 4-pair bonded connection will probably be more suitable.

Ethernet in the First Mile is the next step up from your standard ADSL connection, but a step down from cost prohibitive Fibre.

Are they guaranteed?

Yes! Our EFM Leased Lines come with an advanced business level SLA. If ever there is a fault in the BT Openreach copper wire network, EFM is provided with “Service Level 4” which means an engineer will resolve the problem within 6 hours. Most ADSL connections will not come with this kind of guarantee.

Furthermore, we also guarantee the connection rate. Almost all ADSL connections are advertised as “up to xMbps” services. This is a massive issue in Scotland in particular as a lot of business users are ordering “up to 20mb” connections and getting much less.

Our EFM Leased Lines will guarantee the minimum speed you’ll receive (based on the Exchange you use and the distance from it).

Are there long term commitments?

No! The longest term is 3 years, but we also offer the EFM Leased Line service in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, and Fife with just a 1 year contract.

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EFM: Highly reliable symmetrical Internet from £180 per month