We offer a complete range of IT services
and solutions for small and medium businesses.

Our Services

An overview

We provide a diverse range of IT services for small and medium businesses. Our proactive approach means that you can rest assured your IT is in safe hands. No two businesses are the same, and so with that in mind we always look to providing the most suitable services possible.

Our services at present are as follows:

IT Support Services

Based in Edinburgh, our IT Support Services are a flexible and cost-effective way of managing your IT requirements. All businesses usually need some level of support when it comes to IT, and we’re there for you. From our offices in Edinburgh, we actively monitor your IT equipment for you and respond when problems arise. You can think of us as your own IT department if you like (without the costs of having to employ someone!)

Because we only do IT related stuff, we really know what we’re talking about. Day in, day out, we do IT for businesses like yours, and we do it well. Our support agreements range from watching over just one server to taking the reigns of an entire office (or even offices!) and making sure that the business can concentrate on things that matter. When things go wrong, our number one priority is getting you back on your feet again as quickly as possible (and we mean that!).