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Welcome to Consider IT. We are one of Edinburgh’s top IT Support companies. Based in the heart of Leith, we provide expert IT support services to local businesses like yours.

We’ve been providing IT support in Edinburgh for businesses since 2007.  In addition to providing Edinburgh IT support, we provide a whole range of services to business clients in Falkirk, Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness and Carlisle. As a team of highly regarded qualified experts we can handle all your IT systems while you focus on growing your business.

Our staff are constantly updating their skill-sets from our head office in Edinburgh. IT equipment can be very complex and constantly changing, so when things go wrong, you want to make sure you have someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and has a proven track record of doing it right first time.

We even boast a 100% retention rate for all our services. When clients sign up to our services they simply don’t move away!

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Looking for IT Support in Edinburgh?

Let us assist you with your Edinburgh IT Support needs today. We deal with a mix of small and medium and large sized businesses in the surrounding areas of Edinburgh and beyond. Many businesses in Edinburgh don’t appreciate just how critical their IT systems are to their business. If your business is in Edinburgh and you don’t already have a local IT Support firm providing you fast and efficient support for your IT, what are you waiting on? IT Support is cheaper than you think.

Whether you’re just starting out in business, or you have a well established business, choose Consider IT to provide your IT Support in Edinburgh today.

Our Edinburgh IT Support Services offer real value for money, and service with a smile. If you’re a start-up business or think your IT could do with a re-think, why not have a look at our IT Consultancy Service.

  1. 20% of all companies will suffer fire, theft, flood or storm damage, power failures, terrorism or hardware/software disaster, of those without a business continuity plan 80% fail within 13 months.
    Source: London Chamber of Commerce
  2. 8 out of 10 businesses suffering a computer disaster who have no disaster recovery plans go out of business.
    Source, IBM
  3. 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never reopen or close within 18 months.
    Source, AXA
  4. Nationally 29% of businesses were affected by extreme weather in the last year.
    Source, Chartered Management Institute

IT Support Edinburgh – Great Peace of Mind

Take five minutes out of your busy schedule to just stop and think what would happen to your business should your IT stop working. Now imagine it stopped working permanently and you lost all your data. Would your business in Edinburgh survive?

A lot of business owners in Edinburgh rely heavily on their IT without appreciating just how much it would cost them should it go wrong. It can be absolutely devastating to lose everything you worked so hard for because you didn’t back up the data, backed up the wrong data, or simply didn’t appreciate the complexities of managing such a complicated infrastructure.

If your Edinburgh business makes use of a Server, and you have more than two or three computers, you really should be considering an IT Support Service.

You may also know the fright that you feel when you are working hard on a project with a tight deadline only to have it all seize up and become inaccessible with the possibility of losing it all if you make the wrong move.  Whether you are living and working in Lothian or in the heart of Edinburgh, hiring the IT support Edinburgh has to offer can be a great peace of mind.

Hiring the computer support Edinburgh has to offer is one of the best ways to head off any computer issues before they begin.  The feeling of security that comes with knowing you have professionals at your fingertips if things take a turn for the worse can be a great relief when you are trusting in your computer to hold all the things that are important to you from a calendar system, communications system, even bill paying and budget system.  Having all of these things break down and not knowing how to get them back can be an out of control feeling.

Finding the IT support Edinburgh has to offer can make your computer life a little easier.  There knowing that you can contact your support team if you have a problem beyond your skill set can certainly make things go a bit smoother. The advantages of having someone to call in an emergency far outweigh the price you may pay for them.  These services offer peace of mind and the access to emergency help when you need it. They also offer security by offering maintenance programs to keep your computer software current and with the best protections.

When selecting the computer support Edinburgh can provide you should be prepared to ask a few questions that will help you select the best group for you.  Knowing what you will need for the most part, whether it is emergency help or ongoing maintenance, will help you to find the professionals that fit best into your needs.  Having a budget prior to your research is also recommended.  It is important that you have some idea of what you can afford to spend on a regular basis.

Your Edinburgh based office might also want to get rid of your server. That’s fine too. We will assist and advise you on the pros and cons of doing this and provide you hosted cloud services that will meed your requirements. Watch out for the Edinburgh IT Support cowboys, too. There’s a few of them out there and you generally don’t know about it until it’s too late. Make sure you get recommendations and research your Edinburgh IT Support company before signing on the dotted line. We’ve got a plethora of clients who will sing from the rafters about how good we are!

Edinburgh IT Support? Consider IT.