Mobile Computing

May 29

OfCom have published a report after conducting research on tablet usage in the UK.

The tablet computer has established itself as a must-have device in just five years with more than half of UK homes now owning one.


Apple’s iPad launched in the UK on 28 May 2010 and, alongside Android and other tablet devices, it is helping to shape the way we surf the internet, communicate and watch TV and video.


Tablets are proving very popular among people aged 35-54 with nearly two thirds of this age group (64%) having a tablet.

The rapid rise in popularity of tablets means that over half of UK households (54%) now have one1, up from just 2% in 2011.

Sep 26

The Shell Shock security flaw could be bigger than Heartbleed.

A serious security flaw recently discovered in the Bash command-line shell application has been nicknamed “Shell Shock”.

Bash, an acronym for Bourne Again Shell, is a command-line shell application that allows users to issue commands to launch programs, features and make changes by typing text into a console. It’s typically used by programmers and server administrators when making changes to their servers. Bash usually isn’t open to the general public nor made available to access over the Internet by unauthorised users, but Shell Shock changes that.

This isn’t a new vulnerability (although it’s only just been discovered),  in fact it’s been around for 20-25 years. It allows the user to manipulate “environment variables” to influence how the software responds and ultimately exploit the machine it is running on.

Sep 24

At about 3:25pm yesterday (Monday 23rd September 2013), Google Apps suffered some service issues. Clients were noticing issues sending or receiving emails.

Google estimated that this issue affected less than 0.024% of the GMail user base.

Their team provided updates constantly every hour and at 7PM they confirmed the issue was much more widespread than first thought, affecting 50% of GMail users.

At 3AM this morning (24th September), Google confirmed that the issue was resolved and provided this statement:

As of 1600 Pacific Time, Gmail message delivery and attachment download is functioning normally for all users. We apologize for the duration of today’s event; we’re aware that prompt email delivery is an important part of the Gmail experience, and today’s experience fell far short of our standards.

Oct 05

Two organisations have taken action after they breached the Data Protection Act by failing to encrypt personal information on laptops that were later stolen, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said today.

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) breached the Data Protection Act in May 2011 when a laptop – containing sensitive personal data – was stolen from an employee’s home in Yorkshire. The ICO’s enquiries found that, while the laptop had encryption software installed on it, the decision on whether to encrypt individual documents was left to the employee. At the time of the theft the laptop included unencrypted personal information relating to approximately 100 individuals, including details of their membership of the union and in some cases, details of their physical or mental health.

Sep 26

Consider IT is pleased to announce that we now offer VOIP solutions to all businesses in the Edinburgh area and beyond.

After a year of extensive testing with a handful of select clients, we are pleased to confirm we can offer a reliable, redundant, and exceptional quality telephone service.

Businesses in Edinburgh can now cut their telephone costs and reduce their long-term commitments with current analogue providers by switching to our VOIP service.

For more information, click onto our Edinburgh VOIP page here.

Aug 25

Consider IT are pleased to announce that we have now become authorised resellers of the Google Apps suite of communication and collaboration tools for businesses.  Google Apps brings simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools to organizations of any size – all hosted by Google to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs.

With Gmail (including Google email security, powered by Postini), Google Calendar, and integrated IM, users can stay connected and work together with ease. And, using Google Docs and Google Sites, which include word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and website creation tools, they can share files and collaborate in real-time, keeping versions organized and available wherever and whenever users work.

“The Google Apps Reseller program will help us provide Google Apps to users of businesses in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.” Said Stuart Gilbertson, Managing Director, Consider IT.

Jan 18

Google has updated the SLA for its Google Apps suite so that they no longer make excuses for scheduled maintenance. Meaning that ANY dwntime, no matter how little, will be recognised as downtime and applied to the agreement with the customer.

At present, when Google alert users to “Scheduled Downtime”, this downtime is not covered under the SLA and the end-user has no retribution via the SLA for a refund.

Google have now fine-tuned their highly-distributed infrastructure so that servers can be taken offline one-at a time or in multiples and the end-user wont notice. This is nothing new however, Google have been able to do this for a while now, but have never included this kind of interruption as part of their SLA.