Oct 28

Newcastle Youth Offending Team breached the Data Protection Act by failing to encrypt a laptop containing personal data which was later stolen, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said today.

The laptop – which contained personal data relating to 100 young people – was reported stolen from a contractor’s home in the Northumbria area in January. The contractor had been working on a youth inclusion programme on behalf of the Team. The majority of the personal data stored on the laptop included names, addresses, dates of birth and the name of the school the young person attended.

The ICO’s investigation found that, although Newcastle Youth Offending Team had a contract in place with the contractor, there was a failure to ensure that its employees were complying with necessary security measures.

Aug 18


Customers of Virgin Media’s cable broadband services in Edinburgh are today up in arms at their 30Mb and 50Mb services crawling at only 1Mb. Instead of receiving “The UK’s fastest broadband”, users of the affected service are coming in at speeds slower than 60% of the UK population.

Our Managing Director, Stuart Gilbertson, is also affected by this service issue and had the pleasure of dealing with Virgin Media’s call centres abroad.

“I phoned them up at about 7pm this evening (18th August) to complain about the fact my Internet connection had deteriorated to a level that just wasn’t acceptable any more. We pay a considerable sum to Virgin Media every month for our Television, Broadband and Phone and we expect a premium service as a result of the premiums we pay.

Dec 22

One thing that any of the companies for business IT support Edinburgh can offer will tell you is that it is important that you safeguard your work. This includes encryption of your important data and company information. This is the only way that you can be sure that the information your company holds dear will be safely tucked away. Keeping the information safe from prying eyes is the only way to ensure that your personal and financial information is held safely. It also will ensure that your competition does not get their hands on any information that can be damaging to your business.

Choosing the right company to represent your IT needs can be a challenge. Knowing what you need is the key to getting the right services.

Aug 23

A new scam which sees fraudsters calling your home landline and taking control of your home PC is surfacing in Edinburgh.

The conmen, who are thought to be calling hundreds of Edinburgh based PC users, are claiming to work for Microsoft and are warning the PC users that they have an infected computer. They then convince the unsuspecting user to click on a web link directing them to malware which allows the caller access to the remote PC.  This allows them to copy bank details, passwords, and other sensitive data off the computer.

A spokeswoman for Lothian and Borders Police said: “Our advice to avoid falling victim to fraud would be to never engage with someone who cold calls out of the blue and give them access to your computer.

May 17

A German court has fined a man for failing to secure his home wireless internet access point which was used to download music without the copyright holder’s permission.

Wireless networks are common in most homes nowadays, providing wireless connection to the Internet through the home owner’s connection. Leaving this network without security can be like leaving your front door unlocked.

Anybody in the vacinity can access your Internet connection, the files folders and shared devices, and can download illegal material at their convenience. This could be avoided if the Cricket Wireless APN or similar options were configured.
The owner of the network was able to prove that he was on holiday at the time, but Germany’s federal high court of justice said that the owner had to bear some responsibility for the actions of a third party using their system.

Mar 31

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has found Warwickshire County Council in breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA) following the theft of two laptops and the loss of a memory stick.

The laptops, which were unencrypted and not physically secured or locked away, were stolen from council offices. They held sensitive personal information relating to a number of pupils and members of staff from two schools. The council also reported a separate incident to the ICO, involving the disappearance of an unencrypted memory stick holding a small amount of personal data relating to children attending an education centre.

Sally-anne Poole, Head of Enforcement & Investigations at the ICO, said: “It is essential that organisations ensure the correct safeguards are in place when storing and transferring personal information, especially when
it concerns sensitive information relating to children.

Mar 17

Facebook users have been warned that a “who viewed my profile” application is indeed a scam and does not genuinely show you who has looked at your profile at all.

Rik Ferguson, a senior security consultant at Trend Micro, warns he has already identified 25 different copies of the same rogue app but using different monikers such as peeppeep-pro, profile-check-online and stalk-my-profile.

Some of the Facebook Applications even offer a photo montage of the aleged visitors to your profile – these are fake and it simply randomly selects a group of your known friends and shows them in the image.

“The app itself is designed to look convincing enough, but none of the many ‘Continue’ buttons it offers will activate some under-the-counter profile checking functionality – they will just push you into another Facebook app earning the scammer advertising revenue in the process,” Ferguson explains in a blog post containing screenshots illustrating the scam, which resurfaced over the weekend.

Feb 17

WordPress were alerted to a problem where logged in users can peek at trashed posts belonging to other authors. If you have untrusted users signed up on your blog and sensitive posts in the trash, you should upgrade to 2.9.2.

If you use our WordPress Management service, your WordPress website will be updated this week. If not, simply log in to your wp-admin login area and click Upgrade WordPress.

Feb 02

Denmark’s recent Parliamentary decision means that as of April next year, all Danish state office communication will be sent in ODF format rather than Microsoft’s Office format.

According to version2.dk, Helge Sander (A Science Minister) told Parliament “My ambition is that in the future we will only communicate using open standards…”

If you want to test out open standards to closed standards you can grab a copy of Open Office here.

Feb 01

Google has begun to phase out support for Internet Explorer 6.0. The Microsoft browser that is still widely (read: wrongly) used in a lot of big businesses today has been identified as the biggest risk in cyber attacks on the search engine. Google announced that certain services, like Google Docs, would not “work properly” within the browser.

Following Google’s revelations, the French and German governments advised their citizens to switch to a different browser until the hole had been closed. Around 20% of web users still use the nine-year old browser, including many UK government departments. The online campaign ie6nomore, supported by more than 70 web firms, says that because the browser does not support modern web standards it restricts what developers can do and is “holding the web back”.