Why Outsource your Edinburgh IT Support needs?

The average IT Support salary is £22,000*! Why pay that much?
Source: March 2012, IT Jobs Watch (UK)

Why should you outsource your Edinburgh IT Support?

In March 2012, the average IT Support salary for a full time employee was £22,000 per annum, not including the time spent and legal implications of employing another member of staff. (Source: IT Jobs Watch)

Outsourcing your IT Support gives you back time and money to allow you to concentrate on the more important aspects of growing and managing your business. Continue reading to find out why you should outsource your IT support.

10 Reasons We’re a BETTER IT Company

Cost Implications

The costs of employing a full time IT Support technician in Scotland is, on average, £22,000 a year. Compare that with an average 5 computers and 1 server office of just £5,000 per year and you’ll instantly notice a saving of £15,000 without compromising on quality or support. But that’s not the only cost of having an employee instead of outsourcing. What does it cost you in Sick Pay, in National Insurance contributions, or in PAYE? What about training? Did you factor that in? How about Holiday Pay? The list is almost endless in regards to having to hire an employee for your company over going to a trusted, qualified, and specialist team like Consider IT. Did you factor in the time and cost of having to interview that potential member of staff?

Holidays and Sickness

If you currently employ or are thinking to employ an IT Support technician on a full time basis, what will you do about holidays? Other than having to pay them for at least 5.6 weeks annual leave (Source: DirectGov Holiday Entitlements), you’ll also have to look at finding cover for those periods where they’re off enjoying the sun. Who do you get in? What do you pay them? How much will that cost to interview a temporary replacement?

You may be thinking that you don’t need support cover for the employee’s two weeks away and everything will tick along nicely, but what if it doesn’t? What do you do if they’ve gone off on holiday the night before, and in the morning, your mission-critical server has died? Who do you call? How much will it cost to get someone you don’t already have a working relationship with in to fix it at such short notice? How long will that take?

What do you do on the Monday morning when your IT technician phones in sick and you have an issue with the server? Who do you get in to replace them for that few days, weeks or even months if they end up being long-term sick?

Economies of Scale

More heads are better than one! If you employ an IT Support technician in your business, you have one member of staff that knows his or her IT. When you outsource your IT Support, you get a team of knowledgeable, pro-active, and responsive IT Support Technicians who are constantly immersed in resolving IT related issues on a daily basis.

Supplier benefits

We’ve got really good working relationships with our suppliers, like Dell and Microsoft, so we can pass on the savings they give us as a result of our buying power to you, the client. An employee is unlikely to be able to offer that kind of saving back to the business.

Faster responses

Putting in new systems, buying hardware replacements, and resolving IT Support issues are examples of jobs we do on a weekly, if not daily, basis. We do these things all the time, which means we know what we’re doing and we can do it fast. New tasks set to your individual employee might take longer to complete as a result of it being the first time they’ve done it in their career or not performing that task often. We make up for the lack of internal expertise by having a team of technicians who each specialise in their own area within IT.

10 Reasons We’re a BETTER IT Company